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posted 01/22/2018

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H-2B Language in Budget Bill Explained

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Basic Methods to Prevent Wage and Hourly Lawsuits
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Extracting Water From Air
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H-2B Cap Reached for 2017 Fiscal Year
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EPA to Review 2015 Waters of the U.S. Rule
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OSHA "Ongoing Obligation" Rule May Be Shortlived
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Cost Accounting: Why Do We Do It This Way?
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House Fails to Address Critical H-2B Provision
posted 12/08/2016

Judge Blocks Overtime Rule
posted 11/30/2016

A Texas judge granted an emergency injunction today against the Labor Department's overtime rule.

The rule, previously set to take effect Dec. 1, would double (to $47,476) the salary threshold under which virtually all workers receive time-and-a-half pay whenever they work more than 40 hours in a given week.

American Horticulture Letter to Congress
posted 10-31-2016
I have known Craig Regelbrugge, Senior V.P, American Hort.for 10 years and he has been a champion for the 'Green Industry'.   LIA has signed onto the letter. 
Severn C. Doughty Sr. Ph.D. Executive Secretary, LIA

EPA’s Worker Protection Changes
posted 10-25-2016

What's Not To Like About The National Gardening Survey
posted 08-23-2016