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A membership with the Louisiana Irrigation Association is a mark of quality for your business.  Members of the LIA also enjoy a variety benefits, perks and services which are listed below.  Read on for more information!


No matter what industry you are involved in, keeping in contact with other individuals in your line of work can only be a benefit. For this reason the Louisiana Irrigation Association (LIA) was formed. LIA strives to service members with the utmost in professionalism, experience and consideration through every aspect of the experience with the Association. Regardless of what your role in the industry: contractor, manufacturer, distributor, service company or consultant - LIA provides numerous benefits for its membership.

Enhanced Reputation

As an LIA member you will be recognized as a professional, distinguishing yourself as part of an elite group from the irrigation industry. Industry strength is gained through association with other irrigation professionals.

Protection from Unreasonable Regulation

The LIA expects to have a significant impact on legislation at the state and national level. LIA will get your message through to lawmakers on issues affecting the irrigation industry on your behalf.

The LIA Logo

Membership allows you the privilege of exhibiting the association's logo as a symbol of your professionalism and commitment to excellence.

The LIA Newsletter

Published quarterly, this newsletter keeps you up-to-date on what's happening in the irrigation industry on the state and local level, changes in state and local regulations, and new products -- as well as specific business management and technical tips.
There is little doubt that an LIA membership is definitely worth your investment. For more information on becoming a member, please call Severn Doughty [318-872-4677]. With your membership you will receive an LIA Certificate of Membership, LIA Decal, Directory, the Newsletter -- and a voice in legislative issues!
The Website

The LIA website gives members immediate access to the latest industry news as well as education and certification opportunities, an electronic archive of the newsletter, opportunities for advertising through banners and our special classifieds section, and much more!

More benefits include:

A home office to
serve its Membership.
LDAF License exam training and test preparation
Discounted LDAF recertification training opportunities
Opportunities to acquire the National Irrigation (IA) Certification here in Louisiana.
Educational and news updates through the LIA Website and Newsletter.
Legislative lobbying efforts with other 'Green Industry' entities.
Research and LSU AgCenter Cooperative Extension support.
Endorsed insurance coverage through Blumberg and Associsates, Inc.,
Enhancing a cooperative effort with the Louisiana Department of Agriculture and Forestry (LDAF).
Discounted irrigation publications.
Business listing in the annual membership directory.
LIA is an affiliate member of the Irrigation Association.

Facts About the Organization

The Louisiana Irrigation Association (LIA) was founded in 2005 primarily to provide classroom training for Landscape Irrigation
Contractors to be proficiently trained enough to pass the Louisiana Department of Agriculture & Forestry’s (LDAF) Landscape Irrigation Contractors license exam. In addition every three years LDAF requires that Landscape Irrigation Contractors must be recertified by taking an 8 hour irrigation training course in order to renew their license. LIA provides classroom recertification training every year to help Landscape Irrigation Contractors satisfy LDAF’s requirement (CEU’s) for training.

LIA also helps to promote efficient irrigation practices to other agencies, organizations, irrigation contractors, the irrigation industry and the general population through proper design, installation and management of irrigation systems through our quarterly newsletter, The Louisiana Irrigator and the LIA website

LIA works on a cooperative basis with other national, state and regional ‘Green Industry’ organizations which include:

        The Irrigation Association
        Louisiana Nursery and Landscape Association
        Northwest Louisiana Green Industry Association
        Nursery and Landscape Association Executives of North America

In addition LIA enjoys an enhanced cooperative relationship with the Louisiana Department of Agriculture & Forestry and benefits from Research and Extension through the LSU AgCenter.

The Louisiana Irrigation Association invites you to join this active organization. Simply visit the Application Page and become an LIA member today!

The LIA has a calendar-year dues structure as follows:


    Irrigation Contractors - One Year…...…..$100.00

    Irrigation Contractors - Two Years…...…..$180.00

    Irrigation Contractors - Three Years…...…..$375.00
    (includes Recertication Training Class Valued at $120.00)   

    Distributors/Manufacturers - One Year……….......$300.00

    Distributors/Manufacturers - Two Years……….......$500.00

    Employee of Member [Non-voting] - One Year….….$25.00

    Student or Faculty [Non-voting]- One Year …….….$25.00



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